Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert – Everything You Need To Know

Designers and developers alike are rushing to become Adobe Certified Experts (ACEs). However, while some haven’t discovered this group of certifications yet, others decide to forgo them because they don’t understand their worth. Regardless of which group you belong to, the following lines will change the way you look at ACE.

What is Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)?

Adobe Certified Expert is the title you get when you prove your proficiency with Adobe software products. Adobe currently offers its certification through three levels of proficiency:

  • Single Product Certification – At this level, you can prove your proficiency in a single Adobe product by passing its related certification. For example, if you use Photoshop regularly and need to assure your clientele of your expertise using this tool, you can go for the Photoshop CS6 certification or the Photoshop CS5 one.
  • Specialist Certification – The Specialist Certifications acknowledge your expertise on the web, in print or video. To become a Specialist, you should pass all the required exams and one elective. For example, a Design Specialist will need to take the current exams of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat while they can choose from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe FrameMaker as an elective. However, keep in mind that all exams must be of the same version; for example CS4 or CS5.
  • Master Certification – ACE Master Certification is awarded to those who pass the exams of entire product suites with the focus on design, web or video. For example, CS Design Master Certificate holders should successfully pass the certification examinations of Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Why is ACE Important?

If you’re a little apprehensive about becoming an ACE, here are a few reasons why this is THE certification to have these days;

  • Edge Over Competition – With jobs so sparse these days, employers look for more qualified professionals. Your certification proves that you’re better than the rest, allowing you to land a job and keep it for long.
  • Leveraging Adobe Branding – You can use the ACE logo on everything you have, from your resume to your business cards. This flagrant showing-off probably won’t impress people around you but for business and cv use it’s an excellent asset.
    Passing the Expert Level – Being known as an expert is so mainstream these days. You can top that by becoming a master. As a result, not only will you fare better than the competition, but you’ll be the first person that people will approach.
  • Improved Job Opportunity – If you want to move on from designing and developing, why not teach? You can easily become an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) after you become an ACE. As well as earning more money, being an ACI provides you with ample prestige as you gain access to Adobe trade shows and seminars.

How to Become Certified

If you’re interested in the perks of ACE, you can easily make them yours by getting certified. Simply follow these steps to start your certification journey;

  1. Choose a Certification – Choose which certification level you want: Single Product Certification, Specialist Certification, and Master Certification.
  2. Register for the Exam – You need to register with Pearson VUE, a third-party testing company. Once you’re done, you can schedule for the computer-based, multiple-choice exam via the web, phone or test center.
  3. Prepare for the Exam then Take It – You can download the exam preparation guides from the page of every certification. Then, at any of the 5,000 centers across the globe, simply take your exam and wait for the results.

Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert isn’t as difficult as it seems, especially if you have experience in using Adobe’s different products. However, make sure to prepare well for the exam so that you can flaunt your certification and enjoy its advantages.

You can find out more about becoming certified here:

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