Jan 182009

Although most of our students are adults, we have decided to add a resource section for younger learners as research shows that there is very little available online in terms?worksheets and exercises for children.?These resources are designed to help you understand the methods your child will learn to perform the operations of numeracy & literacy. Children move through these stages at their own speed according to their ability and preferred learning style. Hence, children in?similar year groups at school?may be at very different stages.

There is a continued emphasis on?mental methods?throughout the schooling process?and children are encouraged to estimate first, even when they know more formal methods. This avoids careless mistakes and reliance on method rather than on knowledge. During the early years most?exercises are?based on informal methods or jottings.?Later,?learners will be competent in using the standard methods many of us learned in school. However, since many other methods rely on?pressing the right buttons in the right order?rather than on reasoning and understanding, these resources are aimed at introducing?expanded visual learning methods.

It is important not to confuse children in the earlier stages by introducing the formal method too soon.

?The resources page can be found here